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early birds in matters of sleep –
innovation since 1952

schlafgut is a true family business, with a real tradition. Since 1952, we’ve been inventing icons and setting standards: for good sleep, sustainability in production, and fairness towards our employees

wide awake ideas for generations –
we invented the fitted sheet.

Adam Matheis probably couldn’t have dreamed in 1920 that his small laundry business would become one of the most renowned bedding manufacturers in all of Europe. Back then, he traveled from house to house in Göppingen with his mother and aunts, selling high-quality fabrics for dowries. A few years later, he founded a retail store, and in 1952, he established the first family-owned laundry factory with one of his sons. It was highly successful, with over 15,000 bedsheets leaving the factory daily. And the journey continued with great strides. In 1963, schlafgut made a revolutionary invention – the fitted sheet! This was followed by one idea after another, right up to the present day

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The textile industry burdens our environment – with our production, we actively work against it.

The production of textiles consumes many valuable resources. In order to achieve low prices and maximize profit, many manufacturers opt for the path of least resistance: immature, inferior cotton, cheap production facilities, undignified conditions for employees, the use of chemicals, and poorly or non-recyclable packaging. The result is products full of toxins at bargain prices, which have caused significant burdens on humans and the environment and also degrade quickly. schlafgut takes a different path in every respect – for genuine sustainability, beyond trends and greenwashing

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schlafgut stands for quality, sustainability, and fair working conditions.

For all our products: outer made from recycled materials, inner predominantly organic cotton.

schlafgut products are officially recognized and awarded – from OEKO-TEX to SA 8000.

“Simply common sense instead of greenwashing”

Max Moedinger

Head of Business Development and great-grandchild of the founder of schlafgut

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Quality sleeping essentials available in 26 inspiring colors and zero-waste packaging.

Fitted sheets and bedding that always look fresh and smooth? A simple size system and super easy to put on and take off? Material that feels like the perfect T-shirt against your skin? At schlafgut, we’re reimagining products for better sleep and producing what we ourselves love to sleep in. From our legendary fitted sheets in three qualities for every situation, to pillows, blankets, and accessories, all the way to luxurious woven satin or casual knitted jersey bedding: Our product range defines sleep culture and is always a few steps ahead of the status quo. Starting with the invention of the fitted sheet, we’ve continually developed new innovative ideas, including for our packaging. Our latest achievement? The schlafgut Zero-Waste Packaging.

At schlafgut, our aim is aesthetics as well as everyday usability, highest quality as well as sustainability, and yes – usability. And for a long time. Because a well-designed product, for us, means it brings joy for years. That’s why we use the highest quality organic cotton for all our sleeping essentials and have developed a completely new color system. From sunny yellow to soothing deep blue: Our palette of contemporary solid colors in three intensities each is inspired by nature and fantastically combinable.

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Work-Life-Balance is not just a phrase for us.

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