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indeed not life-sleep,
but certainly work-life

We are redefining sleep culture – in a young team that is allowed and able to take new paths. Because as an employer, schlafgut acts as agile as a start-up while offering the security and stability of a successful traditional company.

Rethinking – shaping the future

We aim to redefine sleep culture, continuously. In doing so, we see ourselves as a startup embedded within a long-standing, successful traditional company. Curiosity and innovation have been the recipe for success at schlafgut since its inception. This mindset is as much a part of our DNA as good sleep. As a young team of doers, with flat hierarchies and the backing of a large company, we want and can reshape things, making a real difference. With our unconventional ideas, we unlock potentials – at schlafgut, throughout the industry, and in each and every individual.

Generations to come—producing with purpose

In the textile industry, working while still standing up for one’s own ideals regarding sustainability and justice isn’t easy. Textile production consumes many resources and is often driven by significant price pressures, resulting in human and environmental exploitation. At schlafgut, we take a different approach. We produce fairly and ecologically sensibly, setting a positive example that influences the entire market. While others still use toxins in dyeing and finishing, we have banned them for years. The same applies to our early commitment to using only high-quality and fairly grown organic cotton, gradually eliminating plastic from our packaging. Our products are designed to let us all sleep well in every sense of the word.

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“Simply healthy common sense instead of greenwashing”

Max moedinger

Head of Business Development and great-grandson of the founder of schlafgut

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We want to support people and give back to them.

We firmly stand behind our values and have been living them since our inception.

We are curious about the future and shape it with foresight.

Work-Life-Balance – we take it literally

We believe that work and life should not be opposites but rather exist in harmony with each other. At schlafgut, we ensure this by fostering a positive work environment, promoting camaraderie among our employees, and providing practical support. Additionally, we offer spatial and temporal flexibility. As an employer, we aim to truly embody the often-mentioned concept of work-life balance. Therefore, we provide options such as flextime, remote work, and home office opportunities. Depending on the role and circumstances, employees can adjust their start and end times flexibly and schedule days to work from home or while on the move.


At our headquarters in Göppingen, we currently have 65 colleagues working together.


Our own production facilities in Turkey currently employ around 4,000 employees.


At schlafgut, there are a total of 30 different nationalities working together.

We are Family

At schlafgut, we are a family-owned company in the truest sense of the word. Our culture is based on a respectful, friendly environment, mutual recognition, and appreciation. Our guiding principle is “People first.”

Diversity is a natural part of our culture at schlafgut. We stand for equal opportunities and freedom, values ​​that we uphold and live in every aspect of our work, whether in our production facilities in Turkey or at our headquarters in Göppingen. It is very important to us to create an atmosphere where everyone can unfold their individual talents and feel fully supported.

At schlafgut, we offer our team everything they need to feel good and perform well, from company pension schemes to health management and employee discounts. While others may call them benefits, we simply call it normal.

Furthermore, we actively promote and support shared activities among our employees, ranging from outings and workshops to after-work get-togethers.

Our schlafgut headquarters is located in Göppingen, a small yet charming town in the foothills of the Swabian Alps along the Fils River. The Hohenstaufen, standing at 684 meters, is the iconic landmark with the ruins of the Staufen ancestral castle atop its summit. Framed by three imperial mountains and pristine nature, the city center is anything but sleepy: from art and culture to sports and action, to shopping, everything is possible here. It’s a good thing that with the schlafgut work-life balance, there’s enough time to enjoy all these offerings.

Be part of our team and drive it forward!

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