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quality sleeping essentials –
we define sleeping culture

The schlafgut product portfolio is like the 5 AM Club.
Always ahead of the game.

Our products are pretty well-rested – and not just since yesterday, but since 1927. We invented the fitted sheet, made organic cotton the standard, and established a range of products that cater to everyone. Intelligently designed and mindfully manufactured, our Sleeping Essentials are still driven by the spirit of our founding: from good to best, for a good night’s sleep.

fitted sheets for every stage of life

may we introduce? Our winning team, consisting of the three fitted sheet qualities Casual, Pure, and Premium. From reliable and robust to elegant and flowing: These three schlafgut heroes can be enlisted for any requirement and every stage of life.

our Casual fitted sheet, made from 100% combed organic cotton with Aloe Vera refinement, is always dependable – soft, durable, and easy on the wallet. Next up is the schlafgut Pure, crafted from flowing organic Makobaumwolle cotton with 5% elastane. It’s opaque, easy to put on, and remains beautifully wrinkle-free even after sleeping. And the queen of our fitted sheets? The schlafgut Premium. Smooth, elastic, and luxurious, it’s made from particularly voluminous and finely knitted organic Mako cotton with 5% elastane. A combination that impresses with perfect fit and a refined feel

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bedding that looks good and feels just as good

schlafgut bedding follows the same principles as our fitted sheets. Reduce to the max – meaning maximum quality, functionality, and simplicity. We combine organic cotton in perfectly processed jersey or satin quality with seamlessly connecting zippers. Fresh and smooth on the skin, schlafgut bedding is also wrinkle-free, easy to care for, and naturally beautiful. We simply love products that are perfectly thought out, provide long-lasting enjoyment, and above all, excel in their job. That’s why we’ve established a simple system for our bedding too – with two qualities: Knitted Jersey and Woven Satin.

You can experience a 5-star feeling every night with our Woven Satin bedding made from 100% organic cotton. It’s densely woven and feels unbelievably fresh and smooth. The invisible zipper and fine decorative seams complete the premium package. Our second hero, the schlafgut Knitted Jersey bedding, is relaxed and ensures the corresponding feeling itself. Thanks to organic cotton and a dash of elastane, this everyday favorite bedding has the same airy-smooth surface as a T-shirt and always looks freshly made, without the need for ironing. And in which look? With the schlafgut Color System, everyone finds their personal style, whether plain or as an individual color combination.

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schlafgut plus

behind schlafgut Plus, all our special editions, special fitted sheets, and new product ideas are gathere.

schlafgut easy

easy care and durable products that are gentle on the wallet while providing relaxed nights? meet schlafgut easy.

schlafgut care

schlafgut care is our category for mattress toppers and other products that care for Schlafgut sleeping essentials and ensure a healthy sleeping climate.

Dreamteam packaging and recycling

all our products come in packaging made from 100% recycled and reclaimed paper. This allows you and us to sleep well, and we even dream further – towards zero waste. We are very proud to have already implemented our vision for packaging for fitted sheets. The production of these innovative packages generates neither waste nor toxins and requires minimal water consumption. They are made from 100% renewable materials, proving that the circular economy works. We source them from a family-owned business in austria, without long transport routes and in an environmentally friendly manner in every respect.

This is a small revolution. Schlafgut is thus the first and so far only manufacturer in the home & living sector to gradually eliminate plastic packaging: an effective contribution to our shared future and a real aesthetic plus.

26 colors, inspired by nature.

Colors and feelings go hand in hand. Just as we put a lot of thought into the right surface and feel of our Sleeping Essentials, we also carefully consider how they should look. We delved deep into the world of colors and refined our palette. The result is the schlafgut Color System. It consists of eight fundamental colors, each available in three saturations: Deep, Mid, and Light.

Together with the deep Off-Black and the fresh Full-White, there are 26 tones to choose from, effortlessly combinable, great-looking in the home, and most importantly – conducive to a good night’s sleep. We were inspired by everything that sends the mind on a journey. Tranquil landscapes, the depth of water, the vastness of the sky, and our solar system. We also paid special attention to the effect of colors on the nervous system and emotions. After all, each shade has its own character and a particular aura. Some days, we feel magnetically drawn to ocean-cool blue, sometimes to summer-warm yellow, or mystical forest green.

The beauty of it all: With us, you don’t have to choose just one color. All schlafgut colors harmonize with each other, allowing for perfect combinations.

Staying in the loop and continuing to push forward

Have you heard of our Sheet Hanger Loop? It leads the way as a pioneer in our new Accessories category. Typical of schlafgut, it’s a genuine essential that’s both aesthetic and clever, yet relaxed. With Loop, nobody needs to dry sheets over furniture or waste energy in the dryer anymore. And storing fitted sheets becomes super easy: instead of cramming them into the closet, just hang them on the hanger. Because if you don’t have to iron your fitted sheets thanks to schlafgut’s superb quality and craftsmanship, you shouldn’t have to fold them either. A real game-changer.

We love products that make life easier and sleep better. Sustainability, aesthetics, and innovation are what we’re all about. That’s why we’re always brainstorming new ideas and questioning things. After all, we didn’t invent the fitted sheet, nearly eliminate plastic bag packaging, and develop a perfectly combinable color system for nothing. What’s next? We’re already working on new accessories to make everything about sleep a little more beautiful, practical, and environmentally friendly. For a well-rested future.

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zero waste and organic qualität

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Our history

“simply common sense instead of greenwashing.”

Max Moedinger
Head of Business Development and
great-grandson of the founder of schlafgut

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